PDB ID or protein name

Topology Definitions

Topologies of proteins are taken from publications or UniProt

Definitions of inner and outer membrane sides in OPM

Plasma membrane: IN – cytoplasmic, OUT – extracellular;

Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi, nuclear, peroxisome, endosome, vacuole, and vesicle membranes: IN – cytoplasmic, OUT – luminal;

Outer mitochondrial, chloroplast or nuclear membrane: IN – cytoplasmic, OUT – intermembrane space;

Inner nuclear membrane: IN – lumen, OUT – perinuclear space;

Inner mitochondrial or chloroplast membrane: IN – matrix/stroma, OUT –intermembrane space;

Chloroplast thylakoid membrane: IN- stromal, OUT – thylakoid space.

Inner bacterial membrane: IN – cytoplasmic, OUT – periplasmic or extracellular space;

Outer bacterial membrane: IN – periplasmic space, OUT – extracellular;