PDB ID or protein name

Families Microbial and algal rhodopsins (41 proteins) 3.E.1 (TCDB) PF01036, PDBsum G-protein coupled receptors, family A (119 proteins) 9.A.14 (TCDB) PF00001, PDBsum GPCR Secretin (B) family (13 proteins) 9.A.14 (TCDB) PF00002, PDBsum Frizzled/Smoothened family (9 proteins) 9.A.14 (TCDB) PF01534, PDBsum GPCR Metabotropic glutamate receptor (C) family (2 proteins) 9.A.14 (TCDB) PF00003, PDBsum AdipoR/Haemolysin-III-related proteins (3 proteins) 1.C.113 (TCDB) PF03006, PDBsum Photosynthetic reaction centers from bacteria (6 proteins) 3.E.2 (TCDB) PF00124, PDBsum Photosystem I (11 proteins) 5.B.4 (TCDB) PF00223, PDBsum Photosystem II (8 proteins) 5.B.4 (TCDB) PF00421, PDBsum Bacterial photosystems (7 proteins) Light-harvesting complexes from bacteria (6 proteins) PF00556, PDBsum Light-harvesting complexes from chloroplasts (5 proteins) 5.B.4 (TCDB) PF00504, PDBsum Bacteriochlorophyll binding protein (2 proteins) PF02043, PDBsum H+ or Na+ translocating NADH dehydrogenase (17 proteins) 3.D.1 (TCDB) PF00361, PDBsum SemiSWEET bacterial sugar transporters (7 proteins) 9.A.58 (TCDB) PF03083, PDBsum Eukaryotic SWEET transporters (2 proteins) 2.A.123 (TCDB) PF03083, PDBsum Polysulfide reductase (4 proteins) 5.A.3 (TCDB) PF03916, PDBsum Formate dehydrogenase (1 protein) 5.A.3 (TCDB) PF00033, PDBsum Respiratory nitrate reductase (1 protein) 5.A.3 (TCDB) PF02665, PDBsum Fumarate reductase/mitochondrial respiratory complex (II) (5 proteins) PF01127, PDBsum Succinate dehydrogenase/fumarate reductase (2 proteins) PF02300, PDBsum Prokaryotic cytochrome b561 (3 proteins) PF01292, PDBsum Cytochrome bc1 and b6f complexes (22 proteins) 3.D.3 (TCDB) PF00033, PDBsum Cytochrome b561 (1 protein) 5.A.4 (TCDB) PF03188, PDBsum Cytochrome c oxidases (13 proteins) 3.D.4 (TCDB) PF00115, PDBsum Cytochrome BD oxidase (1 protein) PF01654, PDBsum V-type and F-type ATPases (34 proteins) 3.A.2 (TCDB) PF00137, PDBsum P-ATPase (53 proteins) 3.A.3 (TCDB) PF00122, PDBsum FecCD transport family (9 proteins) 3.A.1.14 (TCDB) PF01032, PDBsum Binding-protein-dependent transport system (11 proteins) 3.A.1 (TCDB) PF00528, PDBsum ABC transporter B family (ABCB) (22 proteins) 3.A.1.106 (TCDB) PF00664, PDBsum Multidrug resistance exporter (MDR) (16 proteins) 3.A.1.201 (TCDB) PF00664, PDBsum ABC transporter G family (5 proteins) 3.A.1.204 (TCDB) PF01061, PDBsum ABC transporter A family (1 protein) Tap-like ABC transporter (2 proteins) 3.A.1.209 (TCDB) Drug conjugate transporter (ABC C family) (9 proteins) 3.A.1.208 (TCDB) FtsX-like permease (4 proteins) 3.A.1.140 (TCDB) PF02687, PDBsum LPS export ABC transporter LPTF/G permease (2 proteins) 3.A.1.125 (TCDB) PF03739, PDBsum Lipopolysaccharide exporter (1 protein) 3.A.103 (TCDB) PF14524, PDBsum Voltage-sensing phosphatases (2 proteins) Disufide bond oxidoreductase D (2 proteins) 5.A.1 (TCDB) PF02683, PDBsum Vitamin A receptor/transporter (1 protein) 2.A.90 (TCDB) MotA/TolQ/ExbB channel (5 proteins) 2.C.1 (TCDB) PF01618, PDBsum Homotrimeric cation channel (TRIC) (7 proteins) 1.A.62 (TCDB) PF05197, PDBsum Tetraspanin (1 protein) 8.A.40 (TCDB) PF00335, PDBsum Integral membrane phosphodiesterase (1 protein) 9.B.196 (TCDB) PF01569, PDBsum CD36 glycoprotein (2 proteins) 9.B.39 (TCDB) PF01130, PDBsum Sensor histidine kinases (4 proteins) 9.B.33 (TCDB) PF00672, PDBsum NADPH oxidase (1 protein) 5.B.1 (TCDB) Protein translocase (31 proteins) 3.A.5 (TCDB) PF00344, PDBsum Carbon-nitrogen hydrolase (4 proteins) PF00795, PDBsum Potassium channel TMEM175 (1 protein) 1.A.78 (TCDB) PF06736, PDBsum Dolichyl-phosphate beta-glucosyltransferase (3 proteins) 2.A.129 (TCDB) PF04138, PDBsum ER retrotranslocon family (2 proteins) 3.A.16 (TCDB) Zinc-iron permease (ZIP) family (1 protein) 2.A.5 (TCDB) MlaA lipoprotein (3 proteins) 3.A.1.27 (TCDB) PF04333, PDBsum Glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase (5 proteins) 9.B.31 (TCDB) PF02660, PDBsum DHHC palmitoyltransferase (3 proteins) PF01529, PDBsum TM alpha-hairpin proteins (2 proteins) Undecaprenyl-diphosphatase (2 proteins) PF02673, PDBsum KcsA voltage-gated K+ channels (15 proteins) 1.A.1.1 (TCDB) Kv1 voltage-gated ion channels (6 proteins) 1.A.1.2 (TCDB) Slo potassium channels (4 proteins) 1.A.1.3 (TCDB) Cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel (8 proteins) 1.A.1.5 (TCDB) K+ channel MthK (1 protein) 1.A.1.6 (TCDB) NaKT channels (1 protein) Two pore Na+ channels (9 proteins) 1.A.1.8 (TCDB) PF07885, PDBsum Two pore Ca2+ channels (3 proteins) 1.A.1.11 (TCDB) Voltage-sensitive calcium channel (4 proteins) 1.A.1.11 (TCDB) Voltage-sensitive Na+ channel Nav (16 proteins) 1.A.1.10 (TCDB) KvAP voltage-regulated K channel (5 proteins) 1.A.1.17 (TCDB) NaK channel (5 proteins) 1.A.1.21 (TCDB) K+ voltage-gated channel KCNH/hERG (2 proteins) 1.A.1.20 (TCDB) Inward rectifier potassium channels (13 proteins) 1.A.2 (TCDB) PF01007, PDBsum Transient receptor potential channels (25 proteins) 1.A.4 (TCDB) PF06011, PDBsum Ryanodine receptor (7 proteins) 1.A.3 (TCDB) PF02026, PDBsum Polycystin cation channel (20 proteins) 1.A.5 (TCDB) PF08016, PDBsum Voltage-sensing proton channel (1 protein) 1.A.51 (TCDB) PF07885, PDBsum Potassium transporter TrkH/TrkA complex (6 proteins) 2.A.38 (TCDB) PF02386, PDBsum ATP-sensitive K+ channel (9 proteins) 1.A.2.1 (TCDB) KCNQ voltage-gated potassium channel (1 protein) 1.A.1.15 (TCDB) PF03520, PDBsum Calcium-activated SK potassium channel (3 proteins) PF03530 (TCDB) 1.A.1.16, PDBsum Acetate uptake transporter (1 protein) 2.A.96 (TCDB) PF01184, PDBsum FliR/MopE/SpaR family (1 protein) 3.A.6 (TCDB) PF01311, PDBsum Mitochondrial calcium uniporter (4 proteins) 1.A.77 (TCDB) PF04678, PDBsum Acid-sensing ion channels (7 proteins) 1.A.6 (TCDB) PF00858, PDBsum ATP-gated cation channel (11 proteins) 1.A.7 (TCDB) PF00864, PDBsum Major intrinsic protein (MIP) family (25 proteins) 1.A.8 (TCDB) PF00230, PDBsum Formate/Nitrite transporter (FNT) family (5 proteins) 1.A.16 (TCDB) PF01226, PDBsum Ligand-gated ion channel of neurotransmitter receptors (25 proteins) 1.A.9 (TCDB) PF02932, PDBsum Prokaryotic pentameric ligand-gated ion channels (24 proteins) 1.A.9 (TCDB) PF02932, PDBsum Glutamate-gated Ion Channel (GIC) family (31 proteins) 1.A.10 (TCDB) PF00060, PDBsum Ammonia transporter Amt (9 proteins) 1.A.11 (TCDB) PF00909, PDBsum Urea transporter (2 proteins) 1.A.28 (TCDB) PF03253, PDBsum Large conductance mechanosensitive ion channel (MscL) (4 proteins) 1.A.22 (TCDB) PF01741, PDBsum Small conductance mechanosensitive ion channel (MscS) (5 proteins) 1.A.23 (TCDB) PF00924, PDBsum Connexin (2 proteins) 1.A.24 (TCDB) PF00029, PDBsum Innexins (1 protein) 1.A.25 (TCDB) PF00876, PDBsum Claudins (3 proteins) 1.H.1 (TCDB) PF13903, PDBsum Pannexin (1 protein) 1.A.25 (TCDB) PF12534, PDBsum CorA metal ion transporters (MIT) (8 proteins) 1.A.35 (TCDB) PF01544, PDBsum Pore-forming haemolysin E (1 protein) 1.C.10 (TCDB) PF06109, PDBsum YaxAB toxins (2 proteins) Calcium-activated chloride channel (5 proteins) 1.A.17 (TCDB) PF04547, PDBsum Bestrophin anion channel (3 proteins) 1.A.46 (TCDB) PF01062, PDBsum Glycerol-3-phosphate transporter (1 protein) 2.A.1.4 (TCDB) PF07690, PDBsum LacY-like proton/sugar symporter (7 proteins) 2.A.1.5 (TCDB) PF01306, PDBsum Drug/proton antiporter (3 proteins) 2.A.1.2 (TCDB) PF07690, PDBsum Fucose-proton symporter (1 protein) 2.A.1.7 (TCDB) PF07690, PDBsum Proton-dependent oligopeptide transporter (POT) (18 proteins) 2.A.17 (TCDB) PF00854, PDBsum Sugar porter family (11 proteins) 2.A.1.1 (TCDB) PF00083, PDBsum Nitrate/nitrite porter (4 proteins) PF07690 (TCDB) 2.A.1.8, PDBsum Glycoside-pentoside-hexuronide:cation symporter (1 protein) 2.A.2 (TCDB) Ferroportin (2 proteins) 2.A.100 (TCDB) PF06963, PDBsum Neurotransmitter: sodium symporter (9 proteins) 2.A.22 (TCDB) PF00209, PDBsum Nucleobase-cation symporter 1 (3 proteins) 2.A.39 (TCDB) PF02133, PDBsum Solute:sodium symporter (3 proteins) 2.A.21 (TCDB) PF00474, PDBsum Betaine/carnitine/choline transporters (10 proteins) 2.A.15 (TCDB) PF02028, PDBsum Amino acid-Polyamine-Organocation (APC) family (8 proteins) 2.A.3 (TCDB) PF00324, PDBsum Nucleobase:Cation Symporter-2 (3 proteins) 2.A.40 (TCDB) PF00860, PDBsum Sulfate permease (5 proteins) 2.A.53. (TCDB) PF00916, PDBsum Anion exchanger family (4 proteins) 2.A.31 (TCDB) PF00955, PDBsum Amino acid/auxin permease (1 protein) 2.A.18 (TCDB) PF01490, PDBsum Bacterial zinc transporters (4 proteins) 2.A.4.1 (TCDB) PF01545, PDBsum Hydrophobe/amphiphile efflux-1 family (13 proteins) 2.A.6.2 (TCDB) PF00873, PDBsum Heavy metal efflux family (6 proteins) 2.A.6.1 (TCDB) PF00873, PDBsum SecDF protein-export membrane protein (5 proteins) PF02355, PDBsum Patched family (8 proteins) 2.A.6.6 (TCDB) PF02460, PDBsum Hopanoid biosynthesis RND transporter (2 proteins) 2.A.6.7 (TCDB) PF03176, PDBsum EamA-like transporter (1 protein) 2.A.7.1 (TCDB) PF00892, PDBsum Triose-phosphate transporter (1 protein) 2.A.7.9 (TCDB) PF03151, PDBsum GDP-Mannose:GMP antiporter (1 protein) 2.A.7.13 (TCDB) OxaA/YidC (6 proteins) 2.A.9 (TCDB) PF02096, PDBsum Tellurite-resistance/Dicarboxylate transporter (1 protein) 2.A.16 (TCDB) PF03595, PDBsum Proton glutamate symport protein (13 proteins) 2.A.23 (TCDB) PF00375, PDBsum Bile Acid:Na+ Symporter (BASS) Family (3 proteins) 2.A.28 (TCDB) PF01758, PDBsum ADP/ATP carrier (6 proteins) 2.A.29 (TCDB) PF00153, PDBsum Sodium-proton antiporter NhaA (3 proteins) 2.A.33 (TCDB) PF06965, PDBsum Sodium-proton antiporter 1 (7 proteins) 2.A.36 (TCDB) PF00999, PDBsum 2-Hydroxycarboxylate transporter (5 proteins) 2.A.24 (TCDB) PF03390, PDBsum Chloride transporter (8 proteins) 2.A.49 (TCDB) PF00654, PDBsum Divalent metal ion transporter (NRAMP) (5 proteins) 2.A.55 (TCDB) PF01566, PDBsum Multi antimicrobial extrusion (MATE) family (11 proteins) 2.A.66.1 (TCDB) PF01554, PDBsum Peptidoglycan biosynthesis protein MurJ (2 proteins) 2.A.66.4 (TCDB) PF03023, PDBsum S component of prokaryotic riboflavin transporter (2 proteins) 2.A.87 (TCDB) PF07155, PDBsum S component of vitamin uptake transporter (3 proteins) 2.A.88 (TCDB) PF09515, PDBsum Energy-coupling factor transporters (7 proteins) 3.A.1.26 (TCDB) PF12822, PDBsum Cobalt uptake transporter (3 proteins) 3.A.1.23 (TCDB) PF01891, PDBsum S component of cobalt transport system (1 protein) 3.A.1.30 (TCDB) PF09819, PDBsum Glutamate-dependent intramembrane protease (1 protein) PF02517, PDBsum Magnesium ion transporter-E (MgtE) (2 proteins) 1.A.26 (TCDB) PF01769, PDBsum Nicotinamide mononucleotide transporter (1 protein) 4.B.1 (TCDB) PF04973, PDBsum Phosphotransferase Glucose-Glucoside (Glc) Family (2 proteins) 4.A.1 (TCDB) PF02378, PDBsum Disulfide bond oxidoreductase-B (DsbB) (7 proteins) 5.A.2 (TCDB) PF02600, PDBsum MerF Mercuric ion uptake family (3 proteins) 1.A.72 (TCDB) PF11431, PDBsum Signal transduction histidine kinase (3 proteins) 9.B.33 (TCDB) PF13493, PDBsum Sulfate transporter (CysZ) (3 proteins) 2.A.121 (TCDB) ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) (2 proteins) PF00004, PDBsum Methane monooxygenase (5 proteins) PF02461, PDBsum Vitamin K epoxide reductase (2 proteins) PF07884, PDBsum Oligosaccharyltransferase (5 proteins) PF02516, PDBsum Aminoarabinose transferase family (1 protein) Oligosaccharidetransferase, single TMH subunit (2 proteins) PF10215, PDBsum Isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase (ICMT) (2 proteins) PF04140, PDBsum Prokaryotic diacylglycerol kinase (4 proteins) PF01219, PDBsum LPS O-antigen chain length determinant protein (1 protein) PF02706, PDBsum Sulfatase (6 proteins) PF00884, PDBsum Type IV leader peptidase (1 protein) PF01478, PDBsum Presenilin (1 protein) 1.A.54 (TCDB) PF01080, PDBsum Gamma-secretase (7 proteins) 1.A.54 (TCDB) PF01080, PDBsum Site-2 protease (1 protein) PF02163, PDBsum ClpP protease (2 proteins) PF00574, PDBsum Rhomboid proteases (9 proteins) 9.B.104 (TCDB) PF01694, PDBsum MAPEG family (8 proteins) PF01124, PDBsum Transmembrane protein containing HAMP domain (1 protein) PF00672, PDBsum Peptidase S26 (4 proteins) PF10502, PDBsum Sodium/calcium exchanger (7 proteins) 2.A.19 (TCDB) PF01699, PDBsum Concentrative nucleoside transporter (6 proteins) 2.A.41 (TCDB) PF07662, PDBsum Proton-translocating pyrophosphatase (5 proteins) 3.A.10 (TCDB) PF03030, PDBsum Transmembrane proteins 14 (2 proteins) PF03647, PDBsum Transmembrane protein 141 (1 protein) Hypoxia induced protein (3 proteins) PF04588, PDBsum Peptidase family M48 (3 proteins) PF01435, PDBsum Bacterial phosphoinositide phosphatase (2 proteins) Divalent anion:Na+ symporter (DASS) family (1 protein) 2.A.47 (TCDB) PF00939, PDBsum p-Aminobenzoyl-glutamate transporter (2 proteins) 2.A.68 (TCDB) PF03806, PDBsum Bacterial conjugation TrbI-like (2 proteins) 3.A.7 (TCDB) PF03743, PDBsum Calcium release-activated calcium (CRAC) channel (1 protein) 1.A.52 (TCDB) PF07856, PDBsum TatC (1 protein) 2.A.64 (TCDB) PF00902, PDBsum TatA (4 proteins) 2.A.64 (TCDB) PF02416, PDBsum TatB protein (1 protein) Urea/amide channel (1 protein) 1.A.29 (TCDB) PF02293, PDBsum Cellulose-conducting channel (4 proteins) Peptidase A8 (1 protein) PF01252, PDBsum Nucleocapsid P7 protein (3 proteins) Transmembrane glycosyl transferase (6 proteins) PF00953, PDBsum Viral P7 protein (1 protein) UbiA prenyltransferases (2 proteins) PF01040, PDBsum Mitochondrial and bacterial outer membrane translocator (7 proteins) 9.A.24 (TCDB) PF03073, PDBsum Membrane CDP-alcohol phosphatidyltransferase (4 proteins) PF01066, PDBsum Testis-enhanced gene transfer family (2 proteins) 1.A.14 (TCDB) Transmembrane lipid phosphatase (1 protein) PF01569, PDBsum NAD(P) transhydrogenase (2 proteins) PF02233, PDBsum Rhodanese (1 protein) PF00581, PDBsum Cytidine-diphosphate diacylglycerol synthetase family (2 proteins) PF01148, PDBsum CDP-archaeol synthase (1 protein) PF01864, PDBsum Ergosterol reductase family (1 protein) PF01222, PDBsum Na(+)-translocating NADH-quinone reductase (1 protein) 3.D.5 (TCDB) PF03116, PDBsum Cell division protein CrgA (1 protein) PF02096, PDBsum Phosphotransferase (PTS) L-ascorbate family (2 proteins) 4.A.7 (TCDB) PF03611, PDBsum Fatty acid desaturase (2 proteins) PF00487, PDBsum Fatty acid hydroxylase (1 protein) PF04116, PDBsum Fluoride exporter (3 proteins) 9.B.71 (TCDB) PF02537, PDBsum Insig-related proteins (1 protein) Polyisoprenyl-phosphate glycosyltransferase (1 protein) PF00535, PDBsum Prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase (1 protein) PF01790, PDBsum Protein tyrosine kinases (25 proteins) PF07714, PDBsum T-cell surface glycoprotein CD3 zeta chain (1 protein) PF11628, PDBsum T-cell surface glycoprotein CD4 (1 protein) PF12104, PDBsum T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain-containing (TIM) protein (11 proteins) Myelin protein (2 proteins) PF10570, PDBsum Leukocyte immuniglobulin-like receptor (1 protein) Type I cytokine receptor family (6 proteins) Cadherin (0 proteins) PF00028, PDBsum Netrin receptor family (2 proteins) HLA histocompatibility antigen (1 protein) PF00129, PDBsum Carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule (1 protein) Integrin (17 proteins) PF08725, PDBsum Toll-like receptors (3 proteins) Internalin family (1 protein) Arylesterase (1 protein) PF01731, PDBsum Tumour necrosis factor (2 proteins) PF00229, PDBsum Protein jagged (2 proteins) PF00008, PDBsum TYROBP (4 proteins) Stannin (1 protein) PF09049, PDBsum Glycophorin (2 proteins) PF01102, PDBsum Major coat protein, symmetry class I (3 proteins) PF05371, PDBsum Major coat protein, symmetry class II (7 proteins) Bacterial pilin (8 proteins) PF00114, PDBsum Archaeal flagellin/pilin (3 proteins) PF01917, PDBsum Type II secretion system protein G (1 protein) PF08334, PDBsum PufX (1 protein) PF11511, PDBsum TGF-beta receptor type III (1 protein) PF00100, PDBsum Srx domain of the signal recognition particle receptor alpha-subunit (1 protein) 3.A.5 (TCDB) PF09201, PDBsum Pulmonary surfactant-associated protein (1 protein) PF08999, PDBsum SNARE complex (6 proteins) 1.F.1 (TCDB) PF00835, PDBsum Synatpobrevin (3 proteins) PF00957, PDBsum Syntaxin (1 protein) PF00804, PDBsum Sortase (2 proteins) PF04203, PDBsum Tom20 family (2 proteins) 3.A.8 (TCDB) PF02064, PDBsum Mycobacterial protein Rv1761c (1 protein) BNip3 (BCL2/Adenovirus E1B-interacting protein 3) (3 proteins) 1.A.20 (TCDB) PF06553, PDBsum Bcl-2 inhibitors of programmed cell death (6 proteins) 1.A.21 (TCDB) PF00452, PDBsum BH3 interacting domain (BID) (1 protein) PF06393, PDBsum Influenza virus matrix protein 2 (15 proteins) 1.A.19 (TCDB) PF00599, PDBsum Vpu protein (3 proteins) 1.A.40 (TCDB) PF00558, PDBsum Calcium ATPase regulators (7 proteins) 1.A.50 (TCDB) PF04272, PDBsum FXYD regulators (3 proteins) 1.A.27 (TCDB) PF02038, PDBsum OMA polysaccharide transporter (2 proteins) 1.B.18 (TCDB) PF02563, PDBsum Fst toxin (1 protein) 1.C.64 (TCDB) PF13955, PDBsum Bacterial virulence factors (1 protein) Septation ring formation regulator (1 protein) PF06160, PDBsum Voltage-gated K+ channel accessory protein (MinK) (3 proteins) 8.A.10 (TCDB) PF02060, PDBsum Cytochrome c of nitrite reductase (1 protein) PF03264, PDBsum Cytochrome P450 (80 proteins) PF00067, PDBsum Flavin containing amine oxidoreductase (8 proteins) PF01593, PDBsum Amidase signature (AS) enzymes (1 protein) PF01425, PDBsum Haemagglutinin-neuraminidase (1 protein) PF00423, PDBsum ADP-ribosyl cyclase (1 protein) PF02267, PDBsum Transglycosylase of penicillin-binding proteins (Glycosyltransferase family 51) (6 proteins) PF00912, PDBsum Phage lysozyme (1 protein) PF00959, PDBsum Transglycosylase SLT domain (1 protein) PF01464, PDBsum Peptidase family M1 (6 proteins) PF01433, PDBsum Matrixin (4 proteins) PF00413, PDBsum Mammalian disintegrin-metalloprotease (1 protein) PF00200, PDBsum Mitochondria fission protein (3 proteins) PF14853, PDBsum Acyl CoA binding protein (3 proteins) PF00887, PDBsum Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase (8 proteins) PF00149, PDBsum Flavivirus glycoprotein (27 proteins) 1.G.3 (TCDB) PF00869, PDBsum Alphavirus E1 glycoprotein (5 proteins) 1.G.4 (TCDB) PF01589, PDBsum Herpesvirus glycoprotein B (3 proteins) 1.G.10 (TCDB) PF00606, PDBsum Rhabdovirus spike glycoprotein (2 proteins) 1.G.5 (TCDB) PF00974, PDBsum Baculovirus gp64 envelope glycoprotein (1 protein) 1.G.15 (TCDB) PF03273, PDBsum Nonenvelope rotavirus fusion protein (2 proteins) 1.G.19 (TCDB) PF00426, PDBsum Hantavirus glycoprotein G1 (2 proteins) 1.G.20 (TCDB) PF01567, PDBsum Filovirus glycoprotein (1 protein) PF01611, PDBsum Amyloid beta A4 protein (10 proteins) 1.C.50 (TCDB) PF03494, PDBsum Coronavirus E protein (1 protein) 1.A.65 (TCDB) PF02723, PDBsum Viral channel peptide (2 proteins) 1.A.68 (TCDB) Polyomavirus agnoprotein (2 proteins) PF01736, PDBsum Heavy-metal resistance proteins (1 protein) PF13801, PDBsum Lysosome-associated membrane glycoprotein (2 proteins) 9.A.16 (TCDB) PF01299, PDBsum Tumor necrosis factor receptor (5 proteins) PF00020, PDBsum Anemone pore-forming cytolysin (7 proteins) 1.C.38 (TCDB) PF06369, PDBsum Nakanori protein (1 protein) Type I phosphodiesterase/nucleotide pyrophosphatase (2 proteins) PF01663, PDBsum Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein (1 protein) PF03100, PDBsum Squalene/phytoene synthase (4 proteins) PF00494, PDBsum FMN-linked oxidoreductases (8 proteins) PF01180, PDBsum Neutral/alkaline non-lysosomal ceramidase (3 proteins) PF04734, PDBsum Aldehyde dehydrogenase (1 protein) PF00171, PDBsum Reticulon (1 protein) PF02453, PDBsum ERG2 and Sigma1 receptor family (2 proteins) PF04622, PDBsum Ferlin (1 protein) Mitochondrial translocase subunit TIM50 (1 protein) PF03031, PDBsum Notch family (1 protein) PF06816, PDBsum Toxin Ldr (1 protein) PF13940, PDBsum Selenoprotein S (1 protein) PF06936, PDBsum OmpA family (4 proteins) PF01389, PDBsum Enterobacterial Ail/Lom protein (3 proteins) PF06316, PDBsum OprF family (1 protein) PF05736, PDBsum Opacity porins (4 proteins) PF02462, PDBsum Outer membrane protein W (OmpW) family (3 proteins) 1.B.39 (TCDB) PF03922, PDBsum Lipid A acylation (2 proteins) PF07017, PDBsum Lipid A 3-O-deacylase (PagL) (1 protein) PF09411, PDBsum Major OMP from thermophilic eubacteria (1 protein) PF13505, PDBsum Imipenum resistance-associated porin (3 proteins) 1.B.63 (TCDB) OM protease omptin, OMPT (3 proteins) 9.B.50 (TCDB) PF01278, PDBsum OM adhesion protein OpcA (2 proteins) PF07239, PDBsum Lipid A deacylase (1 protein) PF09982, PDBsum Oligogalactoronate-specific porin (KdgM) (2 proteins) 1.B.35 (TCDB) PF06178, PDBsum Autotransporters of N-terminal passenger domain (8 proteins) 1.B.12 (TCDB) PF03797, PDBsum Autotransporter-3 (2 proteins) 1.B.54 (TCDB) PF11924, PDBsum Amyloid secretion protein (2 proteins) OM phospholipase A, OmpLA (3 proteins) PF02253, PDBsum Nucleoside transporter Tsx (1 protein) 1.B.10 (TCDB) PF03502, PDBsum Fatty acid transporter FadL family (7 proteins) 1.B.9 (TCDB) PF03349, PDBsum OmpG porin (4 proteins) 1.B.21 (TCDB) PF09381, PDBsum Cyclodextrin porin (3 proteins) 1.B.26 (TCDB) General Bacterial Porin (GBP) (29 proteins) 1.B.1 (TCDB) PF00267, PDBsum Rhodobacter PorCa Porin (RPP) (2 proteins) 1.B.7 (TCDB) Porins O and P (2 proteins) 1.B.5 (TCDB) PF07396, PDBsum Glucose-selective OprB porin (2 proteins) 1.B.19 (TCDB) PF04966, PDBsum Two-partner secretion porin (n=16,S=20) (2 proteins) 1.B.20 (TCDB) PF03865, PDBsum OMP insertion (Bam complex) porin (n=16,S=22) (13 proteins) 1.B.33 (TCDB) PF01103, PDBsum Malptoporin-like proteins (3 proteins) 1.B.3 (TCDB) PF02264, PDBsum Outer membrane porin (Opr) (20 proteins) 1.B.25 (TCDB) PF03573, PDBsum Alginate export porin (6 proteins) 1.B.13 (TCDB) Campylobacter major outer membrane protein (1 protein) PF05538, PDBsum Outer Membrane Receptor (OMR) (40 proteins) 1.B.14 (TCDB) PF00593, PDBsum Fimbrial usher porin (4 proteins) 1.B.11 (TCDB) PF00577, PDBsum Voltage-dependent anion channel (VDAC) porin (7 proteins) 1.B.8 (TCDB) PF01459, PDBsum Tom40 family (n=20,S=20) (1 protein) 1.B.8 (TCDB) PF01459, PDBsum Autotransporter-2 (AT-2) (3 proteins) 1.B.40 (TCDB) PF03895, PDBsum Outer membrane efflux proteins (14 proteins) 1.B.17 (TCDB) PF02321, PDBsum Aerolysin (n=14,S=14 or n=16,S=16) (11 proteins) 1.C.3 (TCDB) PF07968, PDBsum HlyA hemolysin (n=14,S=14) (2 proteins) 1.C.14 (TCDB) PF12563, PDBsum Eukaryotic pore-forming toxins (1 protein) 1.C.96 (TCDB) Channel-forming Bacillus protective antigen (n=14,S=14) (1 protein) 1.C.42 (TCDB) PF03495, PDBsum Lysenin (n=18,S=18) (2 proteins) 1.C.43 (TCDB) Mycobacterial Porin (MBP) (n=16,S=16) (1 protein) 1.B.24 (TCDB) PF09203, PDBsum Capsule assembly protein Wzi (1 protein) 1.B.73 (TCDB) PF14052, PDBsum LPS assembly protein family (n=26, S=30) (6 proteins) 1.B.42 (TCDB) PF03968, PDBsum Curli-like transporters (n=36) (2 proteins) 1.B.48 (TCDB) PF03783, PDBsum Porin/alpha-amylase (1 protein) 9.B.153 (TCDB) PF13557, PDBsum Poly acetyl glucosamine porin (n=16,S=18) (1 protein) 1.B.55 (TCDB) Outer bacterial membrane secretion (6 proteins) 1.B.22 (TCDB) PF00263, PDBsum Gasdermin (2 proteins) 1.C.123 (TCDB) PF04598, PDBsum Vertebrate secretory phospholipase A2 (65 proteins) PF00068, PDBsum Insect secretory phospholipase A2 (1 protein) PF05826, PDBsum Prokaryotic and fungi phospholipase A2 (2 proteins) PF09056, PDBsum Plant phospholipase A2 (1 protein) Lipoxygenases (18 proteins) PF00305, PDBsum Bacterial phospholipase C (8 proteins) PF00882, PDBsum Haem peroxidase (5 proteins) PF03098, PDBsum Terpene synthases (2 proteins) PF00432, PDBsum Isoprenyl diphosphate synthases (1 protein) PF00348, PDBsum Signal peptide binding domain (1 protein) PF02978, PDBsum Class III cytochrome C (2 proteins) PF02085, PDBsum Monodomain cytochrome c (12 proteins) PF00034, PDBsum Two-domain cytochrome c (1 protein) PF00034, PDBsum Uteroglobin (1 protein) PF09252, PDBsum Glycolipid transfer protein (10 proteins) PF08718, PDBsum Spectrin repeat (2 proteins) PF00435, PDBsum Outer surface protein C (1 protein) PF01441, PDBsum Crustacean CHH/MIH/GIH neurohormone (1 protein) PF01147, PDBsum Tetratricopeptide repeat (3 proteins) PF00515, PDBsum SusD family (1 protein) PF07980, PDBsum SNAP family (1 protein) 1.F.1 (TCDB) ENTH domain (5 proteins) PF01417, PDBsum VHS domain (2 proteins) PF00790, PDBsum Phosphoinositide-binding clathrin adaptor, N-terminal domain (1 protein) PF07651, PDBsum Myelin basic protein (1 protein) PF01669, PDBsum SHERP (1 protein) Annexins (19 proteins) 1.A.31 (TCDB) PF00191, PDBsum Disulfide-stabilized alpha-hairpin (5 proteins) GLA-domain (10 proteins) PF00594, PDBsum Influenza virus matrix protein M1 (2 proteins) PF00598, PDBsum GAG p10 protein (7 proteins) PF02337, PDBsum MMLV matrix protein p15 (1 protein) PF01140, PDBsum GAG M domain (1 protein) PF02813, PDBsum EIAV matrix protein p15 (1 protein) PF08723, PDBsum Alternative oxidase (1 protein) PF01786, PDBsum Ectatomin (1 protein) PF06457, PDBsum Saposin (13 proteins) 1.C.35 (TCDB) PF03489, PDBsum Bacteriocin AS-48 (1 protein) 1.C.28 (TCDB) PF09221, PDBsum Carnocyclin A (2 proteins) 1.C.90 (TCDB) Enterocin (2 proteins) Bacteriocin class IIc (1 protein) PF12173, PDBsum Bacteriocin IIi (3 proteins) 1.C.93 (TCDB) PF11758, PDBsum Colicin pore forming domain (2 proteins) 1.C.1 (TCDB) PF01024, PDBsum delta-Endotoxin (2 proteins) 1.C.2 (TCDB) PF03945, PDBsum Heat-stable enterotoxin B (1 protein) PF09075, PDBsum Apolipoprotein A1/A4/E (5 proteins) PF01442, PDBsum Apolipoprotein A-II (2 proteins) PF04711, PDBsum Apolipoprotein C-I (5 proteins) PF04691, PDBsum Apolipoprotein C-II (1 protein) PF05355, PDBsum Apolipoprotein C-III (1 protein) PF05778, PDBsum Perilipin (1 protein) PF03036, PDBsum Mistic (1 protein) 9.B.23 (TCDB) PF11458, PDBsum Colicin M (2 proteins) PF14859, PDBsum Synuclein (1 protein) 1.C.77 (TCDB) PF01387, PDBsum DrrA protein (3 proteins) DivIVA protein (1 protein) PF05103, PDBsum PASCIN (protein kinase C and casein kinase substrate) (2 proteins) PF00611, PDBsum Endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductin (2 proteins) PF04137, PDBsum PfEMP1 (Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein) (2 proteins) PF03011, PDBsum Corynebacterial porin B (1 protein) 1.B.41 (TCDB) PF11565, PDBsum Viral protein R (VPR) family (1 protein) 1.A.42 (TCDB) PF00522, PDBsum Munc13 (mammalian) homology domain (MHD) (1 protein) PF10540, PDBsum Phosphatidylinositol 3- and 4-kinase (8 proteins) PF00454, PDBsum Enterocin A immunity protein (6 proteins) PF08951, PDBsum Acanthaporin (1 protein) Glycocin (3 proteins) Kinetoplastid membrane protein 11 (1 protein) PF03037, PDBsum Ferritin-related protein yciE (1 protein) PF05974, PDBsum Bacterial globin (2 proteins) PF01152, PDBsum Iron-containing alcohol dehydrogenase (1 protein) PF00465, PDBsum 3'5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase (1 protein) PF00233, PDBsum PhoU domain (1 protein) PF01895, PDBsum Protein prenyltransferase (2 proteins) PF01239, PDBsum Insect pheromone/odorant binding proteins (1 protein) PF01395, PDBsum Pex19 protein family (1 protein) PF04614, PDBsum Programmed cell death protein 10 family (1 protein) PF06840, PDBsum Pas factor (1 protein) PF09016, PDBsum L27 domain (1 protein) PF09045, PDBsum Adhesion protein FadA (1 protein) PF09403, PDBsum Death domain (1 protein) PF00531, PDBsum Secretion system effector C (1 protein) PF04888, PDBsum Sea anemone peptide toxin, class 1 (3 proteins) 8.B.14 (TCDB) PF01549, PDBsum Sea anemone-like toxins (2 proteins) Cysteine-rich secretory protein family (7 proteins) PF08562, PDBsum Muramidase (4 proteins) Thuricin (3 proteins) 1.C.94 (TCDB) Subtilosin A (1 protein) 1.C.84 (TCDB) PF11420, PDBsum Bacterial lipid A acyltransferase (2 proteins) PF03279, PDBsum Hydrophobic surface binding protein A (3 proteins) PF12296, PDBsum F18-type adhesin (1 protein) Prokaryotic proteases (3 proteins) PF00089, PDBsum Viral proteases (2 proteins) PF02907, PDBsum Peptidase S7, Flavivirus NS3 serine protease (2 proteins) PF00949, PDBsum Eukaryotic aspartyl protease (5 proteins) PF00026, PDBsum Retroviral aspartyl protease (1 protein) PF00077, PDBsum Retinal pigment epithelial membrane protein (5 proteins) PF03055, PDBsum Plastocyanin/azurin-like (11 proteins) PF00127, PDBsum Plastocyanin-like domain (1 protein) PF02298, PDBsum Retinol binding protein-like (n=8,S=12) (17 proteins) PF08212, PDBsum Fatty acid binding protein-like (n=10) (37 proteins) 8.A.33 (TCDB) PF00061, PDBsum Polyisoprenoid-binding protein (6 proteins) PF04264, PDBsum Streptavidin-like bacterial lipoprotein (1 protein) PF08794, PDBsum Avidin family (1 protein) PF01382, PDBsum Thaumatin (2 proteins) PF00314, PDBsum Kelch motif (1 protein) PF01344, PDBsum SMP-30/Gluconolaconase/LRE-like region (1 protein) PF08450, PDBsum Lactonase, 7-bladed beta-propeller (1 protein) PF10282, PDBsum Nucleoporin Nup120/160 (1 protein) PF11715, PDBsum WD repeat peroxin-7 family (1 protein) PF00400 (TCDB) High potential iron protein (1 protein) PF01355, PDBsum C2 domain (47 proteins) PF00168, PDBsum ML domain (12 proteins) PF02221, PDBsum RHO protein GDP dissociation inhibitor (5 proteins) PF02115, PDBsum Immunoprotective extracellular protein (1 protein) PF09167, PDBsum Gamma-adaptin C-terminal appendage domain-like (3 proteins) PF02883, PDBsum Periplasmic glucan biosynthesis protein, MdoG (1 protein) PF04349, PDBsum Cellulose binding domain (1 protein) PF00942, PDBsum Discoidin domain (9 proteins) PF00754, PDBsum SUN (Sad1 and UNC) domain (1 protein) PF07738, PDBsum Beta/Gamma crystallin (1 protein) PF00030, PDBsum Lipoproteins of Mycobacteria (2 proteins) PF07161, PDBsum Glycine-rich antifreeze protein (1 protein) Adaptor complexes (1 protein) PF00928, PDBsum Adsorption protein p2 (1 protein) PF09214, PDBsum Pleckstrin-homology domain (52 proteins) PF00169, PDBsum Phosphotyrosine-binding domain (1 protein) PF00640, PDBsum Third domain of FERM (1 protein) PF09379, PDBsum Histidine-rich actin-binding protein (1 protein) PF06268, PDBsum Fibroblast growth factor (1 protein) PF00167, PDBsum Interleukin-1/18 (1 protein) PF00340, PDBsum Cytolethal distending toxin A/C family (1 protein) PF03498, PDBsum Trypsin and protease inhibitor (1 protein) PF00197, PDBsum Hydrophobin (4 proteins) PF06766, PDBsum BamB lipoprotein (3 proteins) PF01011, PDBsum Vitelline membrane outer protein-I (1 protein) PF03762, PDBsum Copper/zinc superoxide dismutase (1 protein) PF00080, PDBsum FYVE, a phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate binding domain (8 proteins) PF01363, PDBsum C1 domain (16 proteins) PF00130, PDBsum Tachycitin (1 protein) PF01607, PDBsum Scarabaecin (1 protein) MABP (FAM125) family (1 protein) PF10240, PDBsum Elafin-like (3 proteins) PF10511, PDBsum Fibronectin type II module (1 protein) PF00040, PDBsum Ricin-type beta-trefoil lectin domain (2 proteins) 1.C.72 (TCDB) PF00652, PDBsum Chitin recognition protein (5 proteins) PF00187, PDBsum Conotoxin O1 (14 proteins) PF02950, PDBsum Spider ion channel inhibitory toxins (51 proteins) 8.B.6 (TCDB) PF07740, PDBsum Insect toxins (2 proteins) PF08117, PDBsum Albumin 1 (2 proteins) PF08027, PDBsum Tachystatin (3 proteins) PF11478, PDBsum Plant knottins (7 proteins) PF11410 (TCDB) Asteropsin (6 proteins) Agouti protein (2 proteins) PF05039, PDBsum Conotoxin M (2 proteins) PF02950, PDBsum Scorpion calcine family (1 protein) PF08099, PDBsum Cyclotide (21 proteins) PF03784, PDBsum Poneritoxin (1 protein) Worm neurotoxins (1 protein) Thiol-activated cytolysin (16 proteins) 1.C.12 (TCDB) PF01289, PDBsum Lactococcin 972 (1 protein) 1.C.37 (TCDB) PF09683, PDBsum Copper amine oxidase (1 protein) PF01179, PDBsum Cloacin translocation domain (1 protein) PF03515, PDBsum Snake venom toxins (21 proteins) 1.C.74 (TCDB) PF00087, PDBsum Dendroaspin (3 proteins) PF00087, PDBsum Neurotoxin III (1 protein) PF08098, PDBsum Vertebrate defensin (25 proteins) 1.C.85 (TCDB) PF00323, PDBsum Sea anemone sodium channel inhibitory toxin (8 proteins) 8.B.11 (TCDB) PF00706, PDBsum Big defensin (2 proteins) Bacillus cereus group antimicrobial protein (1 protein) PF12197, PDBsum Myotoxin (1 protein) PF00819, PDBsum Pneumovirus matrix protein (1 protein) PF03393, PDBsum Mitochondrial biogenesis AIM24 (1 protein) PF01987, PDBsum PLAT domain (1 protein) PF01477, PDBsum Autotransporter pertactin domain (3 proteins) 1.B.12 (TCDB) PF03212, PDBsum Pectate lyase (1 protein) PF00544, PDBsum Insect hemolymph lipoprotein (1 protein) PF03260, PDBsum N-terminal domain of cellulase (1 protein) PF02927, PDBsum Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein MoeA (1 protein) PF03453, PDBsum Glycoside hydrolase, family 61 (1 protein) PF03443, PDBsum Treponema lipoprotein (3 proteins) 1.B.45 (TCDB) Necrosis inducing protein (1 protein) PF05630, PDBsum Allene oxide cyclase (1 protein) PF06351, PDBsum Fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule (1 protein) PF06905, PDBsum Hepatitis C virus non-structural 5a domain (1 protein) PF08300, PDBsum Aspartic peptidase of Shewanella (1 protein) PF08985, PDBsum Beta-2-glycoprotein-1 fifth domain (1 protein) PF09014, PDBsum Levansucrase/Invertase (1 protein) PF02435, PDBsum Arrestin (1 protein) PF00339, PDBsum Mannose-binding lectin (1 protein) PF01419, PDBsum Matrix protein VP40 (1 protein) PF07447, PDBsum Fungal allergen 1 (1 protein) PF16541, PDBsum Alcohol dehydrogenase (1 protein) PF08240, PDBsum Beta-glycanases (2 proteins) PF02055, PDBsum Family 1 of glycosyl hydrolase (3 proteins) PF00232, PDBsum Alpha amylase (1 protein) PF00128, PDBsum Hyaluronidase (1 protein) PF01630, PDBsum Glucanosyltransferase (4 proteins) PF03198, PDBsum Cellulase (glycosyl hydrolase family 5) (2 proteins) PF00150, PDBsum Glycosyl hydrolases family 18 (2 proteins) PF00704, PDBsum Glycosyl hydrolase family 26 (1 protein) PF02156, PDBsum Glycosyl hydrolase family 53 (1 protein) PF07745, PDBsum Glycosyl hydrolase family 59 (1 protein) PF02057, PDBsum Mammalian PLC (5 proteins) PF00387, PDBsum Bacterial PLC (4 proteins) PF00388, PDBsum Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase (2 proteins) PF03009, PDBsum Phosphoinositide phospholipase C, Ca2+-dependent (1 protein) PF16670, PDBsum Tyrosine-dependent oxidoreductases (6 proteins) PF00106, PDBsum PHP domain (1 protein) PF02811, PDBsum Thi4 family (1 protein) PF01946, PDBsum Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase (7 proteins) PF07992, PDBsum FAD dependent oxidoreductase (3 proteins) PF01266, PDBsum Zinc-binding dehydrogenase (1 protein) PF00107, PDBsum GDP dissociation inhibitor (2 proteins) PF00996, PDBsum Methyltransferase domain (1 protein) PF08241, PDBsum Acetylcholinesterase-like (20 proteins) PF00135, PDBsum Mycobacterial antigens (7 proteins) PF00756, PDBsum Gastric lipase (2 proteins) PF04083, PDBsum Thioesterases (4 proteins) PF02089, PDBsum Carboxylesterase/Thioesterase 1 (7 proteins) PF02230, PDBsum Fungal lipases (21 proteins) PF01764, PDBsum Bacterial lipase (20 proteins) PF00561, PDBsum Pancreatic lipase-related (12 proteins) PF00151, PDBsum Cutinase-like (10 proteins) PF01083, PDBsum Platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase family (3 proteins) PF03403, PDBsum Monoacylglycerol lipase (5 proteins) PF12146, PDBsum Carboxylesterase (9 proteins) PF07859, PDBsum NDRG family (2 proteins) PF03096, PDBsum Secretory lipase (1 protein) PF03583, PDBsum Hydroxynitrile lyase-like (1 protein) PF12697, PDBsum Alpha/beta hydrolase-6 family (3 proteins) PF12695, PDBsum Lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase (4 proteins) PF02450, PDBsum Type VI lipase effectors (2 proteins) PF09994, PDBsum Bacterial lipase, class 2 (4 proteins) PF01674, PDBsum M42 glutamyl aminopeptidase (1 protein) PF05343, PDBsum Patatin-like phospholipase (2 proteins) PF01734, PDBsum Lysophospholipase catalytic domain (3 proteins) PF01735, PDBsum Cytidylyltransferase (3 proteins) PF01467, PDBsum Glycosyltransferase family 28 (4 proteins) PF03033, PDBsum Glycosyltransferase family 70 (1 protein) Glycosyltransferase family 9 (2 proteins) PF01075, PDBsum Glycosyltransferase family 2 (1 protein) PF00535, PDBsum Glycosyltransferase family 30 (1 protein) PF04413, PDBsum Glycosyltransferase family 4 (4 proteins) PF13439, PDBsum Glycosyltransferase family 1 (2 proteins) PF00534, PDBsum Ferrochelatase (3 proteins) PF00762, PDBsum Myotubularin-like phosphatases (4 proteins) PF06602, PDBsum Glutathione S-transferase (3 proteins) PF02798, PDBsum Phosducin (3 proteins) PF02114, PDBsum DSBA-like thioredoxin domain (1 protein) PF01323, PDBsum Glutathione peroxidase (3 proteins) PF00255, PDBsum AhpC/TSA family (1 protein) PF00578, PDBsum Intracellular chloride channel (CLIC) (1 protein) 1.A.12 (TCDB) PF13417, PDBsum CRAL/TRIO domain (11 proteins) PF00650, PDBsum SpoIIaa-like protein (1 protein) PF11964, PDBsum Electron transfer flavoprotein (2 proteins) PF01012, PDBsum Phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate reductase family (1 protein) PF01507, PDBsum Shikimate kinase (2 proteins) PF01202, PDBsum Tandem RecA ATPase-like (1 protein) 3.A.5 (TCDB) PF07517, PDBsum G-proteins (1 protein) PF00503, PDBsum Dynamin (2 proteins) PF00350, PDBsum ArsA ATPase (2 proteins) PF02374, PDBsum ADP ribosylation factor (8 proteins) PF00025, PDBsum Ras family (5 proteins) PF00071, PDBsum Interferon-inducible GTPase (1 protein) PF05049, PDBsum Cobalamin synthesis protein cobW (1 protein) PF07683, PDBsum Tetraacyldisaccharide 4-kinase (2 proteins) PF02606, PDBsum DAHP synthetase I family (1 protein) PF00793, PDBsum Pterin binding enzyme (2 proteins) PF00809, PDBsum Choline/carnitine O-acyltransferases (8 proteins) 4.C.2 (TCDB) PF00755, PDBsum Condensation domain (1 protein) PF00668, PDBsum Glycosylating toxin (4 proteins) 1.C.57 (TCDB) PF04488, PDBsum Glycosyltransferase family 6 (1 protein) PF03414, PDBsum Glycosyltransferase like family 2 (1 protein) PF13641, PDBsum CheY-like (1 protein) PF01058, PDBsum Dual specificity phosphatase (1 protein) PF00782, PDBsum NADPH-dependent FMN reductase (1 protein) PF03358, PDBsum NrdI Flavodoxin like (2 proteins) PF07972, PDBsum Beta-ketoacyl synthase (1 protein) PF00109, PDBsum Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase (2 proteins) PF00702, PDBsum Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase (3 proteins) PF08282, PDBsum GDSL-like lipase, family 1 (7 proteins) PF00657, PDBsum GDSL-like lipase, family 2 (6 proteins) PF13472, PDBsum Fatty acid synthesis protein (1 protein) PF02504, PDBsum Dihydrofolate reductase (1 protein) PF00186, PDBsum Aldo/keto reductase family (2 proteins) PF00248, PDBsum Putative undecaprenyl diphosphate synthase (1 protein) PF01255, PDBsum Aspartate/ornithine carbamoyltransferase (1 protein) PF02729, PDBsum PTS system sorbose subfamily IIB component (1 protein) PF03830, PDBsum Mur ligase (1 protein) PF08245, PDBsum Glycosyl hydrolase family 85 (1 protein) PF03644, PDBsum N-acyl-phosphatidylethanolamine-hydrolysing phospholipase D (1 protein) PF00753, PDBsum GMC oxidoreductases (2 proteins) PF00732, PDBsum Epoxide Hydrolase (1 protein) PF07858, PDBsum Transcriptional factor tubby (4 proteins) PF01167, PDBsum Endonuclease/exonuclease/phosphatase family (7 proteins) PF03372, PDBsum Sterol carrier protein (7 proteins) PF02036, PDBsum Sterol binding-like domain of SDS hydrolase (1 protein) STAR domain (16 proteins) 9.B.64 (TCDB) PF01852, PDBsum Phosphatidylinositol transfer protein (PITP) (4 proteins) PF02121, PDBsum Pathogenesis-related protein Bet v I family (2 proteins) PF00407, PDBsum Polyketide cyclase/dehydrase and lipid transport (3 proteins) PF03364, PDBsum Archaeal fatty acid carrier (1 protein) PF11485, PDBsum PX domain (19 proteins) PF00787, PDBsum Pancreatic ribonuclease family (1 protein) PF00074, PDBsum Prohead core protein serine protease (1 protein) PF03420, PDBsum Synapsin (1 protein) PF02078, PDBsum Plant thionin (10 proteins) 1.C.44 (TCDB) PF00321, PDBsum Liver-expressed antimicrobial peptide (1 protein) PF07359, PDBsum OSBP-related proteins (9 proteins) PF01237, PDBsum Phospholipid acyltransferase (1 protein) PF01553, PDBsum Negative factor (Nef) protein (6 proteins) PF00469, PDBsum Long-chain scorpion toxins (26 proteins) 8.B.1 (TCDB) PF00537, PDBsum Arthropod defensins (13 proteins) 1.C.47 (TCDB) PF01097, PDBsum Short-chain scorpion toxins (10 proteins) PF00451, PDBsum Plant defensins (19 proteins) 1.C.45 (TCDB) PF00304, PDBsum Fungal defensins (3 proteins) Myticin (1 protein) PF10690, PDBsum Diapausin (1 protein) PF08036, PDBsum Macin (2 proteins) PF14865, PDBsum Plant self-incompatibility response protein (1 protein) PF06876, PDBsum Prokineticin (1 protein) PF06607, PDBsum Bee venom toxins (1 protein) Bacterial defensin (1 protein) CFEM domain (1 protein) PF05730, PDBsum Scytotoxins (2 proteins) Vitellogenin (1 protein) PF01347, PDBsum Phospholipase B (1 protein) PF04916, PDBsum CutA1 divalent ion tolerance protein (1 protein) PF03091, PDBsum Papain family cysteine protease (2 proteins) PF00112, PDBsum N-acetyltransferase (2 proteins) PF00797, PDBsum Porcine arterivirus-type cysteine proteinase alpha (1 protein) PF05410, PDBsum Lecithin retinol acyltransferase (1 protein) PF04970, PDBsum Hedgehog amino-terminal signalling domain (0 proteins) PF01085, PDBsum D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase (1 protein) PF02557, PDBsum FAD binding domain (2 proteins) PF01565, PDBsum Heme NO binding (1 protein) PF07700, PDBsum Mandelate racemase/Muconate lactonizing enzyme (1 protein) PF01188, PDBsum Acetyltransferase (GNAT) family (3 proteins) PF00583, PDBsum HIT domain (1 protein) PF01230, PDBsum AIG2-like family (1 protein) PF06094, PDBsum Phenazine biosynthesis-like protein (1 protein) PF02567, PDBsum Staphylococcal/Streptococcal toxin (2 proteins) PF02876, PDBsum MATH domain (1 protein) PF00917, PDBsum Fibrinogen beta and gamma chains (1 protein) PF00147, PDBsum PAP2 superfamily (1 protein) PF01569, PDBsum Putative peptidoglycan binding domain (3 proteins) PF01471, PDBsum Collagenase (1 protein) PF01752, PDBsum Type III antifreeze protein (7 proteins) PF08666, PDBsum Catalase (2 proteins) PF00199, PDBsum Transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta (1 protein) PF00688, PDBsum Monalysin (1 protein) UPS1 transporter (2 proteins) PF04707, PDBsum Bacterial sugar transferase (1 protein) PF02397, PDBsum IpaB/EvcA family (1 protein) PF03278, PDBsum Hepatitis C virus non-structural protein NS2 (1 protein) PF01538, PDBsum Bactericidal permeability increasing protein family (3 proteins) 1.C.40 (TCDB) PF01273, PDBsum OmpA (1 protein) PF00691, PDBsum Filovirus protein VP24 (1 protein) PF06389, PDBsum Inositol-pentakisphosphate 2-kinase (3 proteins) PF06090, PDBsum Vesiculovirus matrix protein (3 proteins) PF06326, PDBsum Heme-binding protein A (11 proteins) PF06438, PDBsum Spondin (1 protein) PF06468, PDBsum Resistin (2 proteins) PF06954, PDBsum Cyclotide propeptide (2 proteins) Leader peptides (2 proteins) Signal peptides (4 proteins) Chloroplastic transit peptide (1 protein) Vacuolar targeting peptide (1 protein) Mitochondrial targeting peptide (1 protein) GPCR peptides (8 proteins) Voltage-gated channel peptides (7 proteins) Peptides of ATP synthase subunit b (1 protein) PF00430, PDBsum V-type proton ATPase peptides (1 protein) Pentameric ligand-gated ion channel peptides (7 proteins) HCO3- transporter peptides (2 proteins) 2.A.31 (TCDB) PF00955, PDBsum Sodium-proton antiporter-1 peptides (3 proteins) Copper transporter 1 peptides (3 proteins) 1.A.56 (TCDB) Peptides of platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule (1 protein) Transmembrane emp24 domain-containing protein 10 (1 protein) PF01105, PDBsum Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein II peptide (1 protein) Peptides of epidermal growth factor receptors (1 protein) Regulatory domain of brain carnitine palmitoyltransferase (1 protein) Tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 2 peptides (1 protein) Peptides of ionotropic glutamate receptor (1 protein) Peptides of YscU protein (1 protein) Membrane anchor helix of BAR domain (1 protein) FATC domain (1 protein) PF02260, PDBsum Membrane-binding domain of phosphotransferase IIA component (2 proteins) PF00358, PDBsum Anchor helix of protein yopD (1 protein) PF05844, PDBsum Anchor helix of glycosyl transferases group 1 (1 protein) PF13579, PDBsum Heat shock protein 9/12 (1 protein) PF04119, PDBsum N-terminal helix of Disabled-2 (1 protein) Lipid interacting helix of digalactosyldiacylglycerol synthase (1 protein) N-terminal helix of Arf proteins (2 proteins) Lipid droplet anchoring peptide (1 protein) TIRAP phosphoinositide-binding peptide (1 protein) PF13676, PDBsum Peptides of STE5 protein (1 protein) PF11610, PDBsum Prion protein peptides (2 proteins) PF00377, PDBsum Peptides of viral protein R (5 proteins) 1.A.42 (TCDB) PF00522, PDBsum Peptides of huntingtin (1 protein) Peptides of lactotransferrin (1 protein) Amyloidogenic peptide of phosphatase (1 protein) Peptides of antifreeze protein (3 proteins) Peptides of superoxide dismutase (1 protein) Hemocyanin-derived peptides (1 protein) Peptides of DNA-binding proteins (1 protein) Anti-inflammatory peptides of thrombin (1 protein) Platelet factor-derived peptides (1 protein) Lipopeptide detergents (1 protein) Basic amphiphilic peptides (13 proteins) Distinctin (1 protein) Anticoccidial peptide PW2 (1 protein) Transportan (1 protein) Penetratin (1 protein) MSI-594 derived peptides (1 protein) Histidine-rich alpha-helical peptides (1 protein) WALP peptides (2 proteins) ALPS peptides (1 protein) Designed transmembrane metallotransporter (1 protein) Stapled peptides (1 protein) Peptides with beta-residues (1 protein) Guavanins (1 protein) Apolipoprotein A-I/E peptides (2 proteins) PF01442, PDBsum Designed apolipoprotein-like peptides (2 proteins) Fusion peptides of viral envelope glycoproteins (17 proteins) Juxtamembrane peptides of viral envelope glycoproteins (20 proteins) Fusion peptides of hemagglutinin (6 proteins) Hepatitis C virus envelope glycoprotein E peptides (2 proteins) PF01539, PDBsum Membrane anchor domain of non-structural viral polyproteins (8 proteins) PF01506, PDBsum Membrane anchor domain of viral protease (6 proteins) Fusion protein p14 (1 protein) Peptide of outer capsid glycoprotein VP7 (1 protein) PF00434, PDBsum Fusion protein p15 (1 protein) Bursal disease virus pore-forming peptide (1 protein) 1.A.59 (TCDB) Antifreeze protein, type I (2 proteins) Herpesvirus US12 family (1 protein) PF05363, PDBsum Streptococcal competence stimulating peptide (2 proteins) PF03047, PDBsum Neuropeptide Y family (9 proteins) PF00159, PDBsum Glucagon family (15 proteins) PF00123, PDBsum Motilin family (2 proteins) PF04644, PDBsum Orexin (1 protein) PF02072, PDBsum Parathyroid hormone family (1 protein) PF01279, PDBsum Parathyroid hormone-related protein (2 proteins) PF01274, PDBsum Humanin (1 protein) PF15040 (TCDB) Endothelin (5 proteins) PF00322, PDBsum Calcitonin (8 proteins) 1.C.49 (TCDB) PF00214, PDBsum Tachykinin family (9 proteins) PF02202, PDBsum Pediocin-like peptides (7 proteins) 1.C.24 (TCDB) PF01721, PDBsum Lactococcin A (1 protein) 1.C.22 (TCDB) Plantaricin EF (2 proteins) 1.C.29 (TCDB) Plantaricin JK (2 proteins) 1.C.30 (TCDB) LsbB bacteriocin family (2 proteins) Lactococcin G (2 proteins) 1.C.25 (TCDB) PF08129, PDBsum Carnobacteriocin CbnXY (2 proteins) Antimicrobial peptide HP (1 protein) Delta lysin (1 protein) PF05372, PDBsum Phenol-soluble modulin peptides (3 proteins) Peptaibol (16 proteins) 1.D.5 (TCDB) Alpha-conotoxin-like (23 proteins) PF07365, PDBsum Cecropin (6 proteins) 1.C.17 (TCDB) PF00272, PDBsum Mastoparan family (4 proteins) 1.C.32 (TCDB) PF08249, PDBsum Melittin (2 proteins) 1.C.18 (TCDB) PF01372, PDBsum Oxyopinin (2 proteins) PF08025, PDBsum Poneratoxin (1 protein) Stomoxyn (2 proteins) PF11585, PDBsum Cupiennin (1 protein) Moricin (3 proteins) 1.C.114 (TCDB) PF06451, PDBsum Scorpion NDBP 5 family (1 protein) Pilosulin (1 protein) 1.C.21 (TCDB) Hylaeus peptides (1 protein) Spider antimicrobial peptides (1 protein) Antifungal alpha-helical peptide (1 protein) Meucin (1 protein) Penaeidin (2 proteins) PF05927, PDBsum Latarcin (2 proteins) PF10279, PDBsum Pleurocidin (3 proteins) 1.C.62 (TCDB) PF08107, PDBsum Pardaxin (2 proteins) PF07425, PDBsum Dermaseptin (2 proteins) 1.C.52 (TCDB) PF12121, PDBsum Bombesin-like peptides (3 proteins) PF02044, PDBsum Bombinin (2 proteins) PF05298, PDBsum Brevinin/gaegurin (10 proteins) PF08023, PDBsum Maculatin (3 proteins) 1.C.76 (TCDB) PF08256, PDBsum Magainin (5 proteins) Hylin (2 proteins) Ocellatin (4 proteins) 1.C.52 (TCDB) PF08110, PDBsum Pseudin (2 proteins) PF08225 (TCDB) Cathelicidin (17 proteins) 1.C.33 (TCDB) PF00666, PDBsum Indolicidin (2 proteins) Tritrpticin (3 proteins) Lactotransferrin-based peptides (3 proteins) PF00405, PDBsum Dermcidin (3 proteins) PF15291, PDBsum Toxin-antitoxin module (1 protein) 1.C.103 (TCDB) Stage V sporulation protein (1 protein) PF08183, PDBsum Conatokin (1 protein) Coconut antimicrobial peptides (1 protein) Clavanin (1 protein) PF05452, PDBsum Antimicrobial beta-hairpin peptides from coastal annelids (5 proteins) 1.C.81 (TCDB) Arthropod beta-hairpin defensins (7 proteins) Theta-defensin (3 proteins) Protegrin (5 proteins) PF00666, PDBsum Lactoferricin B (3 proteins) PF00405, PDBsum Synthetic beta-hairpin (6 proteins) Plant beta-hairpin defensin (1 protein) Conotoxin T (4 proteins) 8.B.4 (TCDB) Hepcidin (3 proteins) PF06446, PDBsum Cyclic trypsin inhibitor STFI-1 (3 proteins) Serine protease inhibitor derived peptide (1 protein) Bowman-Birk inhibitor-like frog peptides (1 protein) Barrettides (1 protein) Lasso peptides, type 1 (2 proteins) Lasso peptides, type 2 (25 proteins) 9.A.52 (TCDB) Lasso peptides, type 3 (1 protein) Paralytic peptide family (7 proteins) PF02425, PDBsum Beta-hairpins of water-soluble proteins (1 protein) Beta-hairpins of membrane proteins (1 protein) Beta-sheet peptides of amyloid beta A4 protein (7 proteins) PF03494, PDBsum Beta-sheet peptides of major prion protein (2 proteins) PF00377, PDBsum Octreotide (1 protein) Gramicidin S (1 protein) Tyrocidine A (3 proteins) PawS-derived peptides (10 proteins) PawL-derived peptides (4 proteins) Designed beta-hairpin peptides (2 proteins) Gramicidin A (13 proteins) 1.D.1 (TCDB) Collagen triple helix (2 proteins) PF01391, PDBsum Designed beta-helix peptides (1 protein) Contryphan (2 proteins) Actagardine (1 protein) Mersacidin (4 proteins) Type A lantibiotic (3 proteins) 1.C.21 (TCDB) PF04604, PDBsum Cinnamycin (1 protein) Lichenicidin (2 proteins) Epilancin (1 protein) Heat-stable enterotoxin (1 protein) Daptomycin (5 proteins) 1.D.15 (TCDB) Surfactin (1 protein) 1.D.11 (TCDB) Tridecaptin (1 protein) Iturins (1 protein) Cyclosporin (1 protein) Conomarphin (1 protein) Designed Trp-rich and cationic peptides (2 proteins) Designed peptide inhibitors (2 proteins) Neurotensin/neuromedin N (1 protein) PF07421, PDBsum Somatostatin (2 proteins) PF03002, PDBsum Neurohypophysial hormones (1 protein) PF00220, PDBsum Opioid peptides (2 proteins) PF01160, PDBsum Cystatin (1 protein) PF00031, PDBsum Catestatin (2 proteins) PF01271, PDBsum Methanobactins (2 proteins) Actinomycines (3 proteins) Thiazolylpeptide-type bacteriocin (2 proteins) Bacitracin (1 protein) Microcystins (3 proteins) Ramoplanin-like (1 protein) CD28 cytoplasmic tail (1 protein)