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1a8a » Annexin V

1a8a » Annexin V
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Topology in Eukaryotic plasma membrane
Topologyextracellular side
cytoplasmic side
1a8a » Annexin V
Depth 2.1 ± 1.1 Å
Tilt Angle 89 ± 10°
ΔGtransfer -8.9 kcal/mol
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Topology cytoplasmic
Resolution 1.90 Å
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Number of subunits 3
Experimental Verification for 1a8a » Annexin V
Residues that penetrate the membrane core in the calculated orientation of the trimer are L29, T72, A101, W185 and A260. Substitutions of T72 and W185 by Ala decrease membrane binding affinity (Campos et al. 1998). Also, substitutions of S144, S228, and S303 by Lys reduce binding affinity (these residues are located just beyond the calculated hydrophobic boundary, and their side-chains are directed toward the bilayer).
1 reference
Campos, B., Mo, Y.D., Mealy, T.R., Li, C.W., Swairjo, M.A., Balch, C., Head, J.F., Retzinger, G., Dedman, J.R., and Seaton, B.A. 1998. Biochemistry. 37:8004-8010. PubMed
Comments on 1a8a » Annexin V
This protein undergoes major conformational changes upon association with membranes.