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1ffj » Cardiotoxin II (cytotoxin II)

1ffj » Cardiotoxin II (cytotoxin II)
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1ffj » Cardiotoxin II (cytotoxin II)
Depth 7.9 ± 0.8 Å
Tilt Angle 56 ± 5°
ΔGtransfer -13.7 kcal/mol
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Resolution NMR
Other PDB entries representing this structure 1cb9, 1ccq
Number of subunits 1
Experimental Verification for 1ffj » Cardiotoxin II (cytotoxin II)
Interaction of the protein with DPC micelles was confined mainly to the tips of three loops, 4-12, 22-39 and 46-50 (Dubovskii et al. 2001). This is generally consisten with the set of calculated membrane-embedded residues: L6-F10, F25-K36, and S46-V49 (based on locations of NH hydrogens). However, chemical shifts of many residues (primarily Lys and Arg) in the membrane interfacial region have also been affected by the binding. Independent Monte Carlo simulations of the protein led to similar results (Efremov et al. 2002, Dubovskii et al. 2005).
3 references
Dubovskii PV, Lesovoy DM, Dubinnyi MA, Konshina AG, Utkin YN, Efremov RG, Arseniev AS. 2005. Interaction of three-finger toxins with phospholipid membranes: comparison of S- and P-type cytotoxins. Biochem J. 387(Pt 3): 807-815. PubMed
Dubovskii, P.V., Dementieva, D.V., Bocharov, E.V., Utkin, Y.N., and Arseniev, A.S. 2001. Membrane binding motif of the P-type cardiotoxin. J. Mol. Biol. 305:137-149. PubMed
Efremov RG, Volynsky PE, Nolde DE, Dubovskii PV, Arseniev AS. 2002. Interaction of cardiotoxins with membranes: a molecular modeling study. Biophys J. 83(1): 144-153. PubMed
Comments on 1ffj » Cardiotoxin II (cytotoxin II)
Shows cytolytic activity (By similarity).