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1mc2 » Myotoxin

1mc2 » Myotoxin
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1mc2 » Myotoxin
Depth 2.4 ± 0.1 Å
Tilt Angle 80 ± 2°
ΔGtransfer -9.4 kcal/mol
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Topology out
Resolution 0.8 Å
Other PDB entries representing this structure 1mg6
Number of subunits 1
1 reference
Liu Q, Huang Q, Teng M, Weeks CM, Jelsch C, Zhang R, Niu L. 2003. The crystal structure of a novel, inactive, lysine 49 PLA2 from Agkistrodon acutus venom: an ultrahigh resolution, AB initio structure determination. J Biol Chem. 278: 41400-8. PubMed
Comments on 1mc2 » Myotoxin
Myotoxic protein that presumably lacks PA2 enzymatic activity. The lack of catalytic activity appears to be related to the presence of Phe102, which prevents the access of substrate to the active site. The substitution of tryptophan for leucine at residue 10 interferes with dimer formation and may be responsible for the additional loss of hemolytic activity. The ultrahigh resolution of the experimental diffraction data permits alternative conformations to be modeled for disordered residues (Liu et al. 2003).