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1mt5 » Fatty acid amide hydrolase

1mt5 » Fatty acid amide hydrolase
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Topology in Endoplasmic reticulum membrane
Topologylumenal side
cytoplasmic side
1mt5 » Fatty acid amide hydrolase
Hydrophobic Thickness 11.1 ± 0.2 Å
Tilt Angle 89 ± 0°
ΔGtransfer -21.9 kcal/mol
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Topology cytoplasmic
Resolution 2.80 Å
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Number of TM subunits 2
Experimental Verification for 1mt5 » Fatty acid amide hydrolase
Consistent with membrane-association mode proposed by Bracey et al. (2002). The protein has TM helix 9-29 (Patricelli et al. 1998), in agreement with this orientation.
2 references
Bracey MH, Hanson MA, Masuda KR, Stevens RC, Cravatt BF. 2002. Structural adaptations in a membrane enzyme that terminates endocannabinoid signaling. Science. 298:1793-6. PubMed
Patricelli MP, Lashuel HA, Giang DK, Kelly JW, Cravatt BF. 1998. Comparative characterization of a wild type and transmembrane domain-deleted fatty acid amide hydrolase: identification of the transmembrane domain as a site for oligomerization. Biochemistry. 37: 15177-15187. PubMed