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1r3j » Potassium channel KcsA

1r3j » Potassium channel KcsA
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Topology in Bacterial Gram-positive plasma membrane
Topologyout side
in side
1r3j » Potassium channel KcsA
Hydrophobic Thickness 34.8 ± 1.2 Å
Tilt Angle 0 ± 0°
ΔGtransfer -111.0 kcal/mol
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Topology subunit C (N-terminus in)
Resolution 1.90 Å
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Number of TM Secondary Structures 8
4 transmembrane subunits
C - Tilt: 28° - Segments: 1(25-50), 2(86-111)
D - Tilt: 28° - Segments: 1(25-50), 2(86-111)
J - Tilt: 28° - Segments: 1(25-50), 2(86-111)
H - Tilt: 28° - Segments: 1(25-50), 2(86-111)
Experimental Verification for 1r3j » Potassium channel KcsA
Locations of hydrophobic boundary planes are consistent with spin-labeling (Perozo et al. 1998, Cross et al. 1999, Cross and Hubbell 2002) and hydrophobic matching (Williamson et al. 2002, 2003) studies of KcsA. Average tilt of TM helices (31°) is consistent with ATR FTIR data (33°)(Le Coutre et al. 1998).
6 references
Gross A, and Hubbell WL (2002) Identification of protein side chains near the membrane-aqueous interface: A site-directed spin labeling study of KcsA. Biochemistry 41: 1123-1128. PubMed
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Comments on 1r3j » Potassium channel KcsA
2k1e and 2kb2 are models of a water-soluble analogue; 1jq1 and 1jq2 are NMR models of a shorter segment. Several structures of the channel, which were deposited to the PDB without proper biomatrix (1zwi, 2atk, 2jk5, 2w0f and 3hpl), are taken from the PDBTM database.